How to rent a car with us?

If you are older then 24 and have got your 1st driving license for more than 2 years, we are happy to rent one of our cars to you.

(If you are younger than 24 and/or have a fresh driving license you can rent a car but for a premium price. Please get in touch with us for a tailored price quotation.)

(1) Select a car on our website under Cars and prices

(2) Take a look at Online booking or contact us in E-mail or on the phone

(3) Get a quotation and Reserve your car

(4) Provide us with your Data for the Rental contract

(5) Come to pick up the Rental car on the Agreed date & hour

(6) Bring your Driving license and ID card / passport with you

(7) Check out your rental car and its safety equipment

(8) Review and Sign the Rental contract as well as our General terms and conditions

(9) Pay the Rental fee and the deposit

(10) Get the key and Drive away with your Rental car

The entire pick-up process takes about 15 minutes.

Car rental price

We set our Car rental pricing as simple and transparent as possible.

Our car rental price is made up of 3 main and 3 optional elements:

main elements

- a daily rental fee
- a daily insurance contribution
- a security deposit (reimbursable)

optional elements
- fee for additional km if you want to drive more than the daily limit
- a daily fee for the insurance waiver (insurance without damage excess)
- a daily premium for young driver and/or fresh driving license

All rental fee elements vary depending on which car you would like to rent. You can take a look at the prices of each car in the Cars and prices menu.

Ask us directly about the rental fee for the optional elements such as the insurance waiver and the premium for fresh driving license or young driver. 

Long-term car rental

We provide special discounts on long-term car rental. Contact us with a precise request and we will be happy to prepare a tailored quotation for you.

Pick-up and return of the rental car

Transparency is one of our priorities, therefore we always review the condition of the rental car together with you before and after the rental period to note any damage. We show you the safety equipment of the car and give a brief explanation about technical features. Then we verify other, for the rental important parameters (such as km and fuel) together.

This procedure accelerates the process of the reimbursement of the deposit after your rental.

Car rental contract

For each car rental, we sign a rental contract with you. For this contract, we will need the following data from you which you can send us in an Email or Text message:

- full name
- address
- place of birth and date of birth
- issue date of your driving license
- identification number of your driving license
- phone number and Email address


Before each car rental, we ask you to pay a security deposit which is your self-contribution for the rental. The amount of the deposit depends on the value of the car. The entire deposit will be reimbursed if you return the car without any damage or loss. Should something happen with the car, this deposit is the maximum (if you comply with our General terms and Conditions) you have to contribute to the repair or replacement costs. You can opt for a contract without damage excess to buy out your self-contribution and lower your deposit. It is possible to do so by purchasing an insurance waiver. 


In order to facilitate a convenient payment process for you, we accept credit cards, bank cards, cash or payment with Satispay App. A payment with Satispay will allow us to reimburse your deposit faster after the return and review of the car.

Prevention of Money laundering: we do our utmost effort not to facilitate money laundering. This means that we only accept cash payments for the deposit which we are also reimbursing after the rental. For the rental fee itself, we only accept cash up to 150 EUR. Thank you for your understanding.

Perimeter of the contract

You may drive our cars in all countries in Europe, except to Ukraine and close to the immediate borders of Ukraine (less than 300 km).