Why to rent a car with us?

Simple and Transparent Pricing 
Reliable and Clean Cars
Easily Accessible Pick-up Location

    Some more advantages​ for you

  • no monthly subscription fee

  • fix daily rental price 

  • child and baby seat free of charge

  • insurance waiver for the deposit

  • car driver as of age 24


Dear Zoumzoum client,

Zoumzoum car rental undertakes all preventive measures to help to contain the covid19 pandemic and to protect its clients' health. We follow Luxembourg's Health Ministry guidelines and related updates about coronavirus.

Zoumzoum cars' inner surfaces (leather, textile, metal and plastic) are disinfected and the cars are aired (ventilated) before each rental. Our team is fully vaccinated, wear mask and ensure a safety distance of 1,5m every time meeting a client.

Should you have concerns or require more information on this, we are here to answer!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Kind regards, Zoumzoum team

About Zoumzoum car rental

Zoumzoum is a local Luxembourgish car rental company, founded in 2019.
We have recently underwent a name change. (Our previous name was Brumbrum car rental)

We provide rental cars to individuals as well as to businesses. We are happy to rent out our cars to cover a short-term mobility need or to supply our customers with a car for the long-term. Our pick-up and drop-off location is in the central of Luxembourg, L-7245 Bereldange and is well accessible by public transport. At request, we can also deliver rental cars to another location within Luxembourg.

Our fleet is made up of reliable Japanese cars of 5-seats with enough space in the trunk for 2 big and 1 small suitcases.

You may drive our cars in all countries in Europe, except to Ukraine and close to the immediate borders of Ukraine (less than 300 km).

Opening hours
from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 20.00 and on Sunday from 9.00 to 12.00

Our Highlights

Gratis child and baby seat

Travelling with a baby or children? All child seats are free of charge as we want to support families.

Smart customer service
A high-quality customer service matters to us. We are always reachable for questions, queries or should anything happen during your car rental.

2nd driver free of charge
Being a family friendly business, a 2nd driver travels free of charge.

Eco-friendly car rental process
It is one of our priorities to preserve the environment. 75% of our fleet consists of hybrid cars. We do our best to make the car cleaning process as eco-friendly as possible, including the rare use of any chemicals as well as the limited consumption of water.

In order to facilitate a smooth car rental experience for you, we summarized the most important elements of the car hire process with Zoumzoum here. You will find information about the pick-up location, the payment methods, the deposit and much more. For further questions or inquiries, please get in touch with us in Email at or on the phone: +352 621 436 501.

Here is a link to learn more about our General terms and conditions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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